Petitioning Our BOEs

To date, approximately 100 school Boards of Education already passed resolutions on high-stakes testing. We are urging our local BOEs to considering passing resolutions of their own. During our November 6th education forum on the SUNY Oneonta campus, Oneonta Area for Public Education collected over 120 signatures on a petition to request such an action from our districts.

On November 12, 2013, we sent the signed petitions and a copy of the resolution to each district represented by the signatories:

  • Oneonta
  • Sidney
  • South Kortright
  • Stamford
  • Worcester
  • Edmeston
  • Unatego
  • Cobleskill-Richmondville
  • Newark Valley
  • Arlington Central
  • Franklin
  • Cooperstown
  • Morris
  • Delhi
  • Charlotte Valley

We encourage each of you who already signed, or anyone else who supports this call for a resolution, to attend your district’s board of education meetings to follow up on the status of the petition, and to continue to insist on the passing of a resolution.

If you would like to add your name to the list of signatories, please download and fill out this form and send it to your district’s Board of Education.  Addresses of schools that received our petition can be found here.

If your district was not represented and you would like to start a petition of your own, you can download the resolution here, and find the petition here.  Collect as many signatures as you can and send your petition sheets along with a copy of the resolution to your local Board of Education. You may use this cover letter template that you can customize with the name of your district, their address, and your name.


About Betsy Bloom

Betsy is an Associate Professor of Education at Hartwick College in Oneonta NY. She is also a parent of two, a nine year veteran middle school social studies teacher and the current president of the NYS Foundations of Education Association, an organization dedicated to achieving social justice through public education.
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