A Student Speaks – I’m not a Score

Math has always been a struggle for me, but when I almost break down in tears, during a quiz, no less, then there is definitely something wrong. I’ve always had pride in myself on enjoying school, but when it comes to a test day things get a bit harder. Regent’s week is even worse. It’s all stress, because if we fail a test, then we get to take the class all over again.

A lot of the teachers in my school have started to complain openly to students about having to teach to the tests, one teacher goes so far as to apologize. When one of my peers brings up something that they saw in the news, it’s considered ‘off topic’ even if it has everything to do with what we’re currently talking about in class. I feel like many of my teachers have given up on making learning something enjoyable for students, and that may be because they have so much to teach in so little time.

When I first started my senior year people kept telling me that it was going to be the best year of high school. So far I’ve been more stressed than I’ve ever been in my life, even with my college applications all sent out. Tests are becoming something I see at least once a week, and that’s only if I’m lucky. The days before breaks its test after test in each class, and by the end of the day I’m drained and nowhere near my usual cheery self.

I like to consider myself smart and I’ve never had a problem with school before, but it seems like teachers have turned to lecturing and book work more often than not. It’s not as fun as projects and connecting things to real world scenarios. All this testing does is stress students beyond belief. Many of us are already going through so much; this is the point in our lives that really mold us to who we are going to be. We find friends and figure out what we really want to do with our lives.

I’m sad to say that I doubt many students will want to go onto college with all this. High school is already so terrifying, and you have your parents to fall back on, to help you study when you’re stressed beyond belief, but in college you are on your own, and it’s terrifying.

I never had to take tests in elementary school, but the thought of children being forced to test at such a young level makes me wonder why. What’s the point of testing a third grader? I was learning cursive and barely getting through my multiplication at that age, what is there that they could possibly be tested on?

I’m not exactly educated on the situation (something that should definitely change, but with no time to bring in recent events due to everything teachers have to teach how would that happen?).

What I do know is that every day I feel more and more like a test score and less like an actual person. I also know my friends feel the same way. We are students not a test score, but with all the tests being thrown our way, it can be a bit hard to remember that some times.

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