Downloads/ Opt Out/ Testing/ Resources

Letter to Ask Schools about Assessments: Do you know which assessments your child will face and what they are used for? As a parent you have the right to know.  You can send this letter to your district to find out.

General Opt Out Letter: Ready to make an informed decision to opt out of excessive testing? Here’s an Opt Out letter you can use or customize to send to your child’s school.

The Refusal Letter: To “opt out” of the NYS grades 3-8 tests, you can use this Refusal Letter, which uses language and terminology specific to these tests.

Local Assessment Q&A: Local assessments and SLOs (Student Learning Objectives) can be confusing as they vary district by district and even grade by grade. Here is a useful Q&A to help answer any questions you might have.

Terminology Guide: What does it all mean? What is APPR (Annual Professional Performance Review)? What is RttT (Race to the Top)? What are the different tests? What are “benchmarks”?  Use this terminology guide to help answer these questions and more.

Common Core Assessments Sheet: wrote a wonderful analysis of the new Common Core assessments titled, “Common Core Assessments: More Tests, but Not Much Better.” You can access the PDF here.

What is Wrong with the Common Core? Sheet: Find a detailed analysis of the flaws associated with Common Core here, and a short bulleted version here.

For more resources on test refusal that you can download, visit the New York State Allies for Public Education “Refusing the Test Resources” page.

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