Our Regional Allies

Is your group, organization, or local business concerned about the state of public education? Do you share our goal of informing the public about issues in education? Are you concerned about public education being dictated by the reform agenda of non-educators, bureaucrats, and edu-companies?

If so, we’d love to list you as an ally and work together to continue to shed light on these matters and inform our members in an open and honest way. If you would like to be listed here, please contact us with your statement of support or a brief description of your organization, and a link or other contact method, and anything else you would like to share.  

If you’re already an ally, please keep us updated with your news and events so we can post it on our blog!


Avengers of the Core is a group of concerned citizens in the school districts of Morris and Unadilla Valley who are concerned about the implementation of the Common Core State Standards Initiative and what it means for children, schools, parents, and taxpayers. To learn more or become a member visit our Facebook group.

Charlotte Valley Teachers Association

SECS Parent Advocate Group is a group of concerned parents in the Sherburne Earlville school district that is educating our community about the dangers of the Common Core. Visit our Facebook page to find out more about our mission and to get more information about the opposition to the new Common Core Standards mandated upon us under the new Federal Race to the Top Program.

Delaware County for Public Education was founded to create awareness, inform, and educate the Walton and Delaware County NY community about Common Core Learning Standards, Standardized Testing, APPR Teacher Evaluations and Student Data Collecting. To learn more or become a member, please visit our Facebook group.

Worcester Community for Education is a group in Worcester, NY founded on the belief that the Common Core is a broken system and we need to take back public eduction. To find out more or become a member visit our Facebook page.

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